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Commemoration of the Priest St. Anastas, Sts. Varos, Theoditeh and her Sons

Noted 24 октября

Priest Anastas (Anastasius) has been martyred during the reign of the Persian King Khosrov II. Anastas was of Persian nationality, born in the town Razhik, his baptismal name was Makoundat. When in 614 AD the Persians take Jerusalem and captivate the Lord’s Holy Cross, Anastas, being a soldier of the Persian Army, witnesses the miracles happening thanks to the Lord’s Cross and is converted to Christianity, Then he goes to Jerusalem, is baptized by the Patriarch Modest and is renamed Anastas. Afterwards Anastas enters the Monastery of St. Saba to serve. With the mission of preaching Anastas goes to Palestinian Caesaria, which then was under the Persian rule, Anastas meets heathen magicians and trying to convert them to Christianity, is imprisoned. The Persian King Khosrov promises to discharge Anastas if he formally renounces Christ in the presence of at least one man, but in response he listens the decisive words of the saint: “I will never renounce my Savior, be it before anybody, obviously or secretly, in words or in mind or even in sleep.” He is taken to Persia, subjected to torments and is beheaded with 70 other Christians in 628 AD. During the reign of the King Herakles (610-641 AD) his remains are transferred to Constantinople and Rome.

Varos (Varus) was a Roman soldier serving in Egypt during the reign of the King Maximinos. When seven hermits are imprisoned and one of them passes away at night, Varos takes the place of the dead man wishing to become a martyr, too For that act the judge, getting angry, subjects Varos to severe torments and kills him.

Theoditeh (Theodota) and her sons have been martyred during the reign of the King Dioklethianos in about 304 AD. Theoditeh was a pious widow living in Macedonia together with her three sons, who were educated and brought up in Christian spirit. A heathen nobleman falls in love with Theoditeh and makes a proposal, but Theoditeh rejects the proposal. For that act Theoditeh’s sons are subjected to torments in the presence of their mother, but they courageously endure the pain and do not renounce their faith. Finally all of them are thrown into the fire and burnt.

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