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Commemoration of St. Eustatheos, his Wife Theophista and their two sons, and the Virgins Yermone and Nektarine

Noted 27 сентября

St. Eustatheos (Eustathius) was a rich and philanthropist captain who lived in Rome in the second century and his baptismal name was Plakidos. After the Lord’s vision the heathen captain Plakidos and his family are converted to Christianity and are baptized. Captain Plakidos is renamed Eustatheos. For becoming Christian he is deprived of all royal graces and honors and. losing his property. he leaves Rome. He is subjected to many trials: the pirates kidnap his wife Theophista (Theophistias) and while crossing the river Eustatheos loses his two sons, who being saved from drowning, are adopted by various people. Eustatheos mourns the loss of his family, but obeys the Lord’s will. Soon Eustatheos is taken to serve in the army to defend Rome from enemies. During the war by the God’s will he finds his family. When after winning he returns to Rome, he refuses to realize the King’s demand and to offer sacrifice to heathen idols, claiming that he has won only by God’s will. Annoyed King Adrianos orders to burn Eustatheos, his wife and their two sons.

Virgin Yermone (Iermonia) has lived in the second century. She was the daughter of the Deacon Philipos. Together with her sister Eutikia she goes to seek for John the Baptist. When she leans about the Apostle’s death and meets on her way Petrnoius, the disciple of the Apostle Paul, and becomes the follower of Petronius. She founds a hospital where she treats all the needy people and preaches them the Word of God. St. Yermone is subjected to torments by the King Trayanos, but remains unshaken in her faith. She is martyred during the reign of the King Adrianos, as the heathen idols are destroyed by her prayer when she enters the temple as if to offer sacrifice to the idols.

Virgin Nektarine (Catherine) was the daughter of the Konstas, governor of Alexandria. Being very pretty and having thorough knowledge, she wished to marry only the man who would exceed her in all spheres. Her mother, who was Christian, takes Nektarine to her religious teacher. The latter tells Nektarine about the person woo exceeds all secular bridegrooms. Deserving Christ’s vision, Nektarine is baptized. During the heathen feast Nektarine in the presence of the King reveals the heathens’ delusions. Under the influence of Nektarine 50 wise men, whom the King had invited to reject the virgin’s arguments, are converted to the Christianity. Because of this Nektarine is subjected to torments, but the instruments used for torments turn and start to hit the heathens. Queen Augustouhie and Captain Porphurus and his 200 soldiers, witnessing this miracle, become Christians. Upon the order of the annoyed King the latters are beheaded and Nektarine is swabbed.

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