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We are glad to present to you in the Incense section Christian Armenian goods intended for church rites and home prayers: 1. censer candles, as well as censers 2. frankincense, made in-house vernissage of History 3. perfumery oil 4. stand for censer candles 5. souvenir ''Christian Armenia'' Censer candles Censer candles are candles made of several components: coal, frankincense and aromatic substances. They are also called aroma candles. They are similar in shape to small bars. For their dark shade and special aroma, such candles were called in Russia "nun".In the Soviet years, the recipe forcenser candles was lost. In our days, it was restored according to old descriptions. A lot of people ask what censer candles are for. They're for home prayer. Aroma candles help you focus on prayer, create a blissful atmosphere in the house, and create an easily recognizable aroma of church service. How to use censer candles: 1. Light a censer candle. 2. Hold the edge of the candle in the fire for half a minute, then blow on it: the fire will go out, but the candle will smolder. 3. Place the candle on a stand or candlestick and place it in the censer along with the candlestick. 4. Wait for the censer candle to burn, or extinguish it if necessary. To do this, use 2-3 drops of water Pick up your favorite names - Incense Rose, Nuns, Incense Byzantium, Incense Byzantium, etc. Censer candles are much more profitable to buy than separately coal and frankincense. Please note that khachaluys censer candles are sold in several types: 1. small in packs of 7 pieces 2. medium in packs of 14 pieces 3. large, in packs of 7 pieces 4. large in packs of 24 pieces Frankincense is an aromatic resin that is derived from a special kind of tree. The species is called Boswellia. It is native to the Arabian Peninsula and eastern Africa. After purification, frankincense takes the form of a pebble. They turn out to be multi-colored and of different sizes. When burning incense in the temple and frankincense at home, it exudes a resinous pleasant aroma. It has a calming effect and carries spiritual symbolism. Frankincense, presented in our store, from the brand Vernissage ofHistory. You can buy frankincense in cardboard (20 and 30 grams) and wooden packages (30 grams). How to use incense house. Light incense when praying for the health of the soul of relatives and friends. There are several ways to use frankincense at home: 1. With a censer and coal. Put coal on the censer, light it. Place incense on the ignited charcoal. Then go around the room with the censer and leave it for a while on the table or on the windowsill. 2. With a lamp. Incense is placed on a lamp and lit. Censer Censer A special bowl with or without a lid that holds incense for ignition. This small accessory will make you feel as if you were in a church at a worship service. The scent from the censer will immerse you in peace and tranquility. How to use the censer: Put coal in the censer. Pressed charcoal is sold in the section It is quickly ignited and remains hot for a while. Then place incense on hot coals. You will immediately see and feel incense smoke. The Khachaluys store has homemade censers - metal and ceramic. The first is made with a comfortable handle, but without a lid. Ceramic censers for incense are presented in several colors - white, gold, blue, green. They have holes from which smoke and smell emanate, a convenient lid and a handle. Ceramic censer, which you can buy for only 200 rubles, will decorate your corner and last for many years. A small stand for the censer candles of the Nun, where thehole is made to the size of the candles. A bright red shade will give aesthetic pleasure. We also offer a wonderful souvenir that you can give to loved ones. This is 'Christian Armenia''. The set includes water, earth and incense consecrated in the church.