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Essential oils differ in composition, method of preparation and purpose. In the online store Khachaluys, which presents Christian goods, you will find several types of oils: perfume flavored lamp oil perfume oils Perfume oil, or aroma oil, is used as an exclusive perfume for special occasions. In addition, these oils can be used for aroma lamps for essential oils. With their help, the room is scented, scented candles, handmade soaps and other perfumery and cosmetic products are made. Aroma oils of Khachaluys online store are developed on the basis of natural oils. They are packaged in miniature 3 ml bottles, so you can buy not just one, but several. In our collection there are perfume oils with the names of holy places - Bethlehem, Sinai, Jerusalem, Nazareth. Aroma oils can also be bought with the names Bouquet Athos, Easter, Holy Night, Black Rose. You can be sure of the quality of our perfume oils. You can buy Khachaluys aromatic oils for yourself, as well as as a gift for a girl, loved ones and relatives. The shelf life of perfume oils is 5 years. Lamp oils Lamp oil is intended primarily for church rituals: baptism, unction, as well as the anointing of important guests. Oil is placed in lampadas - special lamps that were used by the first Christians. Today, lamp oil is also used for the home. It is placed in a lamp and placed in front of the icons. Oil should be stored near icons, away from household items and cosmetics. The lamp oil presented in our store is made in our own production. These are products of the Vernissage of History brand. The environmentally friendly product is widely used primarily for lamps. But it can also be used in medicine, cosmetology, to lubricate the body. Khachaluys lamp oil contains extra virgin olive oil and tea rose oil. It has an unobtrusive smell, with a pleasant floral plume. The oil meets all the requirements for worship and people's health: does not contain harmful substances and their compounds does not smoke when burning burns completely without releasing hazardous substances softens and disinfects the skin when lubricated Lamp oil is certainly not a miraculous elixir. Use it as an addition to your sincere faith. Church oil, application: place it in a lamp, pray, ask for forgiveness. After prayer, apply a little oil to painful or problem areas. Thus, you can get rid of ailments and get effective help. Lamp oil in the Khachaluys online store can be bought in bottles of 500 and 300 ml. It is more profitable to order a large bottle: it will last for a long time. The ability to buy church oil both wholesale and retail is another benefit that you will get when buying from the Khachaluys store. Lamp oil can be used for 5 years.