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In this section of our store you will find various Christian Armenian goods – lamps, church candles, candles for home prayer, as well as baptismal candles. The candle is one of the main accessories for Christians. The light of a burning candle is compared to the Divine Light. Traditionally, church candles are used in churches - during worship, during rites. Parishioners use candles for private prayers. You can buy church wax candles not only in temples. They are bought in specialized stores and used at home. These are candles for home prayer. In the Khachaluys store, you can buy candles for home prayer in cardboard packages. They have small sizes - width 0.5 cm. and height 15 cm. Candles are made in our own production. The brand is called Vernissage of History. Each package "Christian Armenia", "In Alarm", "In the Temple" are made of 12 and 20 pieces. On the back of the package there are prayers in Armenian and Russian languages, which can be read when lighting candles. Often believers ask whether it is possible to light wax candles for home prayer. According to the traditions of the Armenian Church, it is possible and necessary to light church candles at home. But this should be done according to the canons. First, candles are used during prayer. For example, when the Lord's Prayer is said, or when he performs a daily ritual, or when he says a prayer for the night. Allocate a special corner in the house, put icons and it is there that you light candles for home prayer. Secondly, candles, as well as lamps, are used in important life circumstances. For example, when they pray for the health of relatives and friends, for healing, for the choice of a judge or profession. And candles are also used to clean the house with a church candle from dark forces and evil spirits. Khachaluys store candles are made of high-quality wax, they are 100% composed of beeswax. In addition, there are candles with a composition of 50% wax and 50% paraffin. Our candles: burn with a beautiful flame don't crackle or ''cry'' stand flat and do not bend endowed with a pleasant smell Baptism is one of the important sacraments for Christians. Through Baptism, a person becomes a member of the Church. An indispensable attribute of the rite is candles for Baptism. Such decorated candles are also suitable for weddings. According to customs, candles are used by a couple: - each of the godparents should have one candle. After Baptism, they are kept at home, lit only on rare occasions. Candles for Epiphany presented in our store perform two functions at once. They will become an indispensable accessory for the ceremony, as well as decorate the very event of the Epiphany or Wedding. Khacahluys candles are white, cross-stitched and decorated with a "skirt". These are roses with ribbons, made of satin, organza and beads. Church candles are placed in candlesticks made of cast marble. It is a material consisting of stone chips, mineral fragments, as well as acrylic and synthetic resins. Cast marble is durable, smooth and pleasant to the touch, making it pleasant to hold in your hands. The candlestick has not only an aesthetic, but also a practical solution - during the ceremony, melted wax from a burning candle will not burn the fingers. We also want to please you with an exclusive product. We make candles ''FamilyHearth''to order. They are suitable both for a secret wedding, for a holiday and just for decorating a festive table. The assortment is constantly replenished. With their versatile size and traditional design, our Baptismal candles will blend in with your chosen Baptismal clothing set. Buy Baptismal candles along with the clothes in the section and save time and money.