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Religious holidays are an important part of the life of the Armenian Apostolic Church. They introduce children to the sacrament, strengthen their connection with the Church, and teach them the laws of the cyclical nature of life. In the Khachaluys store, we have allocated a separate section for holidays. Here you will find accessories for the most important holidays - Epiphany, Wedding, Easter. These are baptismal towels and shirts, Easter eggs, candles for Epiphany and souvenirs. Baptism is the first of the seven major sacraments, symbolizing the birth of a person in the faith. Baptism in Greek means "immersion in water". The rite of baptism of a child is the most important Christian ritual. It is through the sacrament of Baptism that a child becomes a member of the church. It is necessary that the meeting of their baby with the church is remembered as a bright, joyful event. Before baptism, you need to take care of all the attributes for the baptism of a child. Here's what you need to prepare: 1. Baptismal shirt: according to tradition, it is bought by the godmother 2.A baptismal towel is another important accessory: the baby is wrapped in it after the font 3.Headdress: newborns must wear it on the head, older children at the discretion of parents 4.Pectoral cross: according to tradition, it is bought by the godfather, it is on a rope or chain. If the cross is purchased in a jewelry salon, then before the beginning of the sacrament it must be consecrated. In the church shop, all the crosses have already been consecrated. 5.Candles for Baptism: decorated with lace and ribbons, they bring a special atmosphere to the sacrament of baptism 6.Icon by name. If there is no image of the heavenly patron, then you can purchase an icon of the Theotokos or revered saints - Nicholas the Pleaser, Panteleimon the Healer In our online store you will find: 1. baptismal towels measuring 70x140 cm. 2. Baptismal shirt for a boy from 23 to 27 sizes. Can also be ordered according to individual sizes. 3. A cross-scarf dress is also in size 23 to 27, which are also sewn to your sizes. 4. baptismal set, which includes a diaper, a shirt and a headdress 5. high candles for Epiphany,decorated with lace, ribbons, roses and a cross. You can buy candles for Epiphany in candlesticks made of cast marble The Bright Resurrection of Christ, or Easter, is the brightest and most joyful holiday for believers, because it symbolizes the renewal and salvation of the world and man, the victory of life over death. Easter is rich in traditions that have developed over the centuries. By custom, breakfast begins with the first rays of the sun in the circle of relatives. The celebration of Easter begins with a richly laid table, and the meal begins with the painted eggs consecrated the day before. The red Easter egg symbolizes the life and blood of Christ. According to another Tradition of Easter,eggs are presented to those to whom you go to visit with the words "Christ is Risen". But they give not only painted, but also decorative Easter eggs. In our store you will find a perfect gift for both loved ones and homes. Easter eggs of the Vernissage of History brand are made of cast marble, or polystone. Souvenirs made of durable material will retain their original appearance for a long time. Decorative Easter eggs of our store of several types: 1. eggs-souvenirs with décor of crosses, churches 2. Easter egg boxeswhere you can store decorations 3. candlestick eggs with angelic décor and other Armenian ornaments 4. sets of 3 Easter eggs in the colors of the Armenian flag and a cute cross In addition, we have an MDF Easter egg stand with the church and the inscription "Christ is Risen. Truly Risen"" in Armenian. It holds 9 eggs. It will be a wonderful gift. You can buy Easter eggs in the shade you want — bronze, silver, beige or gold. Each egg is beautiful in its own way! This section also contains candles for Baptism. They are an important accessory for the sacrament of Baptism.Candles are made by the Verhissage of History brand. They are traditionally white, decorated with a cross, roses with ribbons and beads. Candles are placed in a polystone candlestick. You can buy candles for Epiphany for another holiday - Wedding.