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In the Khachaluys store you can buy Christian accessories created in full accordance with the church canons. We are glad to offer you in this section several types of jewelry: leather bracelets bracelets made of wood with icons bracelets made of natural stones with icons leather incense The bracelet is perhaps the most common Christian decoration. Do not consider it just a beautiful accessory: after all, the church bracelet is designed to remind a person of faith and the Church. In addition, bracelets on the hand are worn to protect the owner fr om demons. According to tradition, the church bracelet is worn on the left hand, as it is closer to the heart. But the jewelry can be worn on the right hand. You can buy bracelets made of leather of several models - braided with a cross, bracelets with a silver insert, as well as with a prayer "Save and Preserve". Inserts of crosses and rings make the accessory attractive. You can buy a leather bracelet for both men and women. A bracelet with a prayer will be a constant reminder to the owner of the Savior. In difficult moments and in difficult life situations, he will become his support. Bracelets made of stones with icons are suitable for girls and women. Bracelets made of natural stones are made with white beads for beauty. A bracelet made of wood with icons can be bought by both men and women. You can buy a leather bracelet by reservation. Men's bracelets include almost all bracelets presented in our country. They are equipped with an adjustable clasp, and will fit on the hand of any size. Incense is a miniature pouch made of leather or dense fabric, wh ere incense was placed. Today, incense is also made of other materials: there is a golden incense, silver incense. In the Khacahluys store you will find classic incense - made of leather. Frankincense is an aromatic resin that is obtained from three types of different trees. Can you order incense in another section of our store PAGEN_1=4. Incense on the neck is a powerful amulet. It protects the owner not only from physical danger, but also from spiritual danger. As they used to say in Russia, "The devil of incense is afraid." Incense is a personal accessory, and it is impossible to transfer it to a stranger. But you can give incense to close and dear people or friends. You can buy incense made of leather in black and beige. There are small and large sizes - see the description of the product.