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In the Candlesticks section you will find the most necessary accessories for Christian Armenian homes – candlesticks and lamps. A candlestick is the most popular piece of furniture. Khachaluys offers you different types of candlesticks. They are made of various materials: 1. Stone 2. Metal 3. Glass 4. Tin 5. Brass 6. Ceramic 7. cast marble (polystone) Metal candlesticks are considered classics. They have an attractive appearance, they are quite heavy and stable. Find candlesticks called Home, Lace, Grape Leaf. Lace are made with a high leg and a flat stand. Candlestick Home have the shape of a cup, it has a comfortable handle and a wider base. The grape leaf is made with a base in the form of a grape leaf. Candlesticks Lace, Home can be bought in the colors''copper''and ''silver''. Pay attention also to the metal candlesticks with the images of the Saints - Nicholas the Wonderworker, the Mother of God and the Virgin mary and child. The place for the candle is located in front, and the image of the Saint is behind it. An onyx candlestick is an exquisite product that will decorate any interior and bring a stylish touch to it. Onyx is a stone of power and strength. Objects made of this material are powerful talismans. They help their owner achieve his goals, give him confidence and courage. Candlesticks from the onyx store Khachaluys are small - 6 times high. See Openwork décor of natural stone will give aesthetic pleasure. To buy a candlestick made of onyx means to purchase an attractive decor item that carries positive energy. Brass candlestick has always been used in Christian churches. Brass is a copper-based alloy, where the main component is zinc. Sometimes tin, nickel, lead, iron or other elements are added to the alloy. A cute brass candlestick of the Khachaluys store is made with an ergonomic handle and a wide stand. Ceramic candlesticks are perfect for Christian rites. Ceramics are a natural material obtained by firing clay and mineral and synthetic additives. In our store you will find miniature ceramic candlesticks with the image of a cross. They are blue and blue. Candlesticks made of cast marble (polystone) brand Vernissage of History will attract the attention of lovers of exclusive interior items in the house. Polystone is the latest material with unique characteristics. It is durable, resistant to high temperatures, water-repellent. Due to the possibility of using various pigments, the final product is obtained in different shades. Candlesticks made of cast marble (polystone) of the store Khachaluys are made with angels on the right or left side. They have a small weight and a height of 15 cm. Lamps A lamp is a necessary accessory for church rites and home prayers. It is used in two ways. It is poured into it with lamp oil and candles are lit during home prayers. You will find several types of lamps: 1. glass in the form of a bowl 2. traditional with smoke cover 3. ceramic in the form of a flower 4. ceramic in the form of a barrel You can buy glass lamps in red, blue, green, and yellow. Ceramic lamps in the form of a flower and a barrel are made with beautiful painting, they have a wide stable leg. Lamps are presented in blue, red, white - choose according to preference.