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Khachaluys store can be called a textile shop. We have a wide range of products, and all the textiles presented are of our own production. We buy only textile materials. The rest of the process takes place at vernissage of History. This makes it possible to sell textiles without added value. You can buy textiles both wholesale and retail, not only for large partners, but also for individuals. We are glad to offer you a variety of home textiles - tablecloths and pillows with Armenian ornaments, aprons, bread boxes and much more. Tablecloth with Armenian ornament The festive feast begins with a beautiful tablecloth. Such tablecloths made of textiles are sewn from a dense fabric - linen, cotton. The tablecloths of the Khachaluys store are made of decorative fabric, which is dominated by xx threads. Please note that the ornaments and colors are different. Tablecloths made of textiles can be bought not only for holidays. They are perfect for the kitchen, for the dacha, for food bloggers who prepare Armenian national dishes. If you have a corner at home with Armenian Christian icons, candles, then a tablecloth with an ornament can be laid on a table. Tablecloths are made of several sizes - 140x140 cm. 140x190 cm., 140x210 cm. and 140x220 cm. They can be washed at a temperature of xx degrees. They do not molt or deform. Cushion roller A cushion-roller, or mutaka, as it is called in Armenia, is a beautiful and useful item in the house. Decorative pillow is used in all rooms where there is an armchair, sofa, sofa bed. Depending on the filler, you can also use it for sleeping, as a stand under the elbows, under the legs or when performing various exercises. The pillow will also perfectly decorate a café or restaurant in ethno-style. The cover is a dense decorative fabric. It is made with a convenient zipper, so it is easy to remove and wash in an automatic machine. Canvas laces on the sides of the roller give it a special beauty. Pillow fillers xxx. If you use a pillow-roller for the living room or children's room, pick up an ornament in the tone of the furniture. Pillows The square pillow is the most popular and in demand. It is used for sofa, armchairs, as well as seating areas. Its dimensions can be from 30x30 cm to 50x50 cm. Pillows of our store are made of universal size 45x45 cm. pillows made of furniture fabric pillows with embroidery Pillows made of furniture fabric will look beautiful in rooms in ethno style. Pillows with embroidery are suitable for the bedroom, for the nursery. The cover of these accessories is made of soft velour. To fill small square pillows, we use hollofiber. The material is a siliconized polyester fiber of spiral shape. Thanks to the curls, the material springs perfectly, easily restores its shape. Baptismal towels, shirts and dresses Baptismal kits are important attributes for the sacrament of Baptism.Because in these clothes the baby becomes part of the Church. The most important requirement for baptismal accessories is that they must not only be beautiful, but also of high quality. Khachaluys store baptismal towels are sewn from fluffy cotton fabric measuring 70x140 cm. Crosses and important words "Faith. Hope. Love. Baptism" are embroidered on the towels with metallized thread. You can also buy a baptismal towel with the embroidery of the Lord's Prayer and angels. Its size is 50x90 cm. In addition to choosing a name at Baptism, an important part of the preparations is the choice of clothing. The rite of baptism of a child is difficult to imagine without snow-white baptismal shirts. In our store there are baptismal shirts for boys. Their embroidery is made of blue and gold thread. You can buy a baptismal shirt in sizes - from 23 to 27th. For an individual order, write to us. Instead of baptismal shirts for girls, we offer you cute baptismal dresses with angel embroidery on the chest. They are also presented in a size chart from 23 to 27th. The baptismal set, consisting of a shirt, a cap and a blanket, is suitable for girls from birth to 6 months. We sew a baptismal set also according to your standards. Aprons with embroidery Aprons with embroidery will attract the attention of housewives and not only. They can be given to daughters, mothers and daughters-in-law. Armenian apron with embroidery is made in a universal size of 46x70 cm. Base material - blackout. The new fabric has many advantages. It: 1. dense and wear-resistant 2. does not crumple, does not fade and does not shrink during washing and drying 3. has antistatic properties due to a special impregnation Furniture fabric with Armenian ornament is used as a décor. And good wishes on the aprons will appeal to all owners! You can buy an apron with embroidery with various patterns and wishes. Shopping bags Shopping bags are designed specifically for shopping. They are practical, comfortable, roomy. To buy a shopper means to buy a shopping bag, but with a twist - embroidery, decor, print. The shopkeepers of the Khachaluys store are made of cornea. This is a durable rough fabric with a pronounced texture, similar to burlap. The cornucop is practical and versatile. The interior is satin. The bags are equipped with a zipper. The Armenian ornament gives the bag a special beauty and originality. The handles of shoppers are wide enough not to crash into the shoulders. Shopping bags can be bought for all ages: 1. with embroidery ''Armenian girl'' suitable for young girls 2. models with the coat of arms and flag of Armenia will appeal to businesswomen and women 3. attractive shopping bag with a lace or with garnet embroidery is perfect for everyone Gift bag Gift bags made of fabric are a cute accessory that belongs to popular eco-items. They can be bought to pack a gift of a non-standard small size. Gift bags made of fabric can be bought in the Khachaluys store in the size of 10x15 cm. and 25x35 cm. Bags are sewn from velvet fabric, pleasant to the touch. Embroidery in the form of candles, hearts, snowflakes and Christmas toys makes them an exclusive accessory. Silver and gold threads are used in embroidery. Breadbaskets made of fabric Armenians like to delight guests with a variety of dishes. But first of all, they beautifully serve pita bread and bread. Fabric breadbaskets will decorate your daily ritual, give warmth to sunny Armenia and will please the eye. Our fabric breadbaskets are made of two types of material. The outer one is a decorative dense fabric with Armenian ornaments, the inner one is satin. Breadbaskets are tied at the corners with satin laces. Such breadbaskets can be washed by hand or in automatic machines. Bread baskets made of fabric will look beautiful on tablecloths with similar ornaments. Easter egg stands The Easter egg stand is a small but attractive accessory. It is used for painted eggs, which are served on the brightest holiday - Easter. The egg stand, made by our craftswomen, will appeal to all handmade lovers. Choose stands in gold or silver. An Easter egg stand is a great gift for loved ones on Easter, Christmas or other church holidays. Napkins and bottle cases Beautiful napkins will be a bright accent on the white/beige tablecloth. They will perfectly complement the festive table. You can buy napkins in the Khachaluys store with embroidery of the Armenian symbol - grapes. Napkins on a table measuring 17x17 cm. will not take up much space. They are appropriate to put under the plate, and also use for decorating the dessert table. The bottle cover will immediately transform your festive table. Our covers are made of the same decorative fabric from which tablecloths and breadbaskets are sewn. They are made 20 cm high. The highlight of the covers is that the upper part can be adjusted to your liking. That's why any bottle - wine, cognac or champagne - will look beautiful in our cases. You can buy a bottle cover in different colors.