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For a believer, the church is not just a structure for worship. It is a holy place where he comes in joy and sorrow, on church holidays and on weekdays. Armenia is the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion. You can say that the churches of Armenia are the history, culture and traditions of the people. In ancient churches, you always feel a special energy and peace. The temple of Armenia is a place of strength for the believer. When you leave it, you think about when you can come back here again. To constantly feel this power, this special energy, you can buy a temple souvenir. We are pleased to offer you in the Khachaluys store souvenirs of temples made by our brand Vernissage of History. They are made of cast marble (polystone) and MDF. Pliable and at the same time durable material polystone gives products from it beauty, smooth surface, resistance to external influences. Souvenirs made of cast marble for many years pleases with the original appearance. In this section you will find models of five temples and churches of Armenia: 1. Cathedral of the Holy Christ the Savior 2. Dadivank Monastery 3. Ancient temple of Zvartnots 4. Church of St. Hripsime 5. The main church of Armenia – Echmiadzin complex The Cathedral of the Holy Christ the Savior is an Armenian cathedral in the city of Shushi, which dates back to 1868-1887. The Cathedral of the Holy Christ the Savior - a symbol of Victory in the First Artsakh War, was liberated on May 9, 1992 During the war in 2020 it was again destroyed, now it is located in the occupied lands of Artsakh. Dadivank Monastery is one of the largest Armenian monasteries in Medieval Armenia. It was built in the XII-XIII centuries. the Architectural complex is located at an altitude of 1100 m., In the middle of a colorful landscape. Dadivank Monastery is located on the territory that remained outside Artsakh after the war in 2020. Today it is guarded by peacekeepers, but pilgrims cannot get there. Zvartnots Temple is one of the rare surviving round temples in Armenia. It had three-tiered architecture, but the structure completely collapsed during the earthquake. Literally from ancient Armenian means "Temple of the Vigilant Angels". The restored temple is located on the road from Yerevan to Vagharshapat. One of the most visited churches of tourists. The Church of St. Hripsime in Armenia is a 7th-century Armenian temple with which legend is associated. It is named after Hripsima, who, along with virgins, fled the persecution of the Roman emperor as a Christian. The church is located in the city of Vagharshapat. Echmiadzin Cathedral is the main temple of Armenia. It is in Echmiadzin that the throne of the Catholicos of All Armenians is located. The cathedral dates from 303-484, and was reconstructed in 1441, is also located in Vagharshapat. The last three churches have been included in the UNESCO list since 2000. Models of churches are available. Characteristics of the size, weight you will find in the description. Making souvenirs is a complex process. Our craftsmen meticulously perform realistic 3D models of churches. You won't find a single distorted detail. Don't look for where to buy souvenirs at the best price - here, as manufacturers, you can buy a temple souvenir, starting from 1950 rubles.